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PN Data Solutions Inc prepares
you to take data
management risks!

PN Data Solutions Inc has experience in managing customer data and providing enhanced database management solutions. Marketers rely on us to deliver effective marketing campaigns to their customers, backed by high data management offerings.

PN Data Solutions Inc provides value addition to businesses by providing secure access to the database. This way, marketers can find a way to reduce cost involved in data acquisition and retention.

The success of email marketing campaigns depends on how clean is your email database.

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We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success.

Data Solutions

Data Management
Data Appending
Data licensing
Data Building
Duplicate Data Cleaning
Data Enhancement
Email Data Management
Tele Verified Data
Master Data Management
Data Verification
Customer Data Creation


Inbound Marketing
Account base marketing
Email Marketing
Lead Management
Market Research


Tele Verification
Email Verification


Customer Retention
List Brokerage
List Management
Customer Acquisition
Revenue Generation


Contact Appending

Partner Program

Choosing Perfect Partners

Data Integration

Integration of offline with online data
Integrating external data


Business Leads
IT Leads
Healthcare Leads

Customer Profiling

Customized unique segmentation processing
Company details

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