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Are you still spending millions on ads and meeting sales targets?

Selling from a diverse inventory can appear very doable, but we know how much it takes on your part. As retail company personnel, you may have felt how heavy spending on ads can be an obstacle to profits.

But if you knew about which customers, vendors, partners and other types of revenue generators are most likely to associate with you in the near future, you could reduce the panic often made evident through expensive advertising.

Targeted advertising and direct marketing are the buzzwords of today. The tasks of these largely automated processes are to deliver prospect lists that reflect a high conversion rate, while the cost-effectiveness of direct marketing remains unparalleled.

Benefits of PN Data Solutions:

  • Know where the best supply chain deals are born
  • Contact prying decision makers running shopping malls
  • Renew the supply contracts you lost earlier
  • Use real-time and accurate information about logistics, distribution companies and shops

How PN Data Solutions is different?

Besides data in the form of marketing lists, PN Data Solutions provides retail companies with CRM (customer relationship management) and SCM (supply chain management) solutions.

  • You can retain your end-customers seamlessly with CRM solutions
  • Our SCM solutions will help supplement the marketing lists you will have received
  • Our master file contains more than 32 Million records, out of which a good 70% includes VP and CEO level profiles
  • Every time we deliver a prospect list, it is updated with the latest contact details

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