Growth Enablement Partner for Clients across 21 countries

PN Data Solutions is a Growth Enablement Partner for Clients across 21 countries helping extend reach to over 30 Million top global executives across the world. PN pride itself for the customized solutions it can deliver based on the client's requirement and business scope.

We are specialized in providing solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises looking to promote their products and services to the right target markets. We provide highly responsive mailing lists that can be custom built to your specifications, enabling you to reach the right prospects at the right time.

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Data Solutions

PN Data Solutions Inc has experience in managing customer data and providing enhanced database management solutions. Marketers rely on us to deliver effective marketing campaigns to their customers, backed by high data management offerings.

Tele Verification

PN Data Solutions Inc now has 12 Million records in its Tele-verified Database. Besides, the clients find access to one of the largest Tele-verification teams (100+ Tele-verifiers) in the industry, Who can authenticate your old database making a million calls.

Data Appending

We match your customer data with our large master database. During this automatic data matching process, similar records are flagged and appended with fresh information. The remaining unmatched records are manually verified by experts and relevant information is appended to these records.

Custom Profiling

Customer profiling is the best way to improve understanding about customers, know who your ‘best customers’ are and what they have in common. PN Data Solutions Inc helps you to connect with your niche, target market by offering a unique perspective on your customers.